The Mountains Are Calling – Part One

Aviva Volunteers, in partnership with Trailblazers Hiking Club, are launching new hiking (including overnight hiking) packages and excursions on some of our most beautiful peaks and trails surrounding the greater Cape Town area – whilst you are volunteering with us.

Climbing the table_2

Towering 1086 meters over Cape Town,  Table Mountain is the most dynamic playground for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether it be summer, winter, autumn or spring – the mountains are always calling you. Trails run the length and breadth of the mountain, offering more than 900 different routes (counting all climbing routes as well) with hiking opportunities for all levels of experience and fitness. If you have a passion for nature, hiking or simply being outdoors, then make sure to pack your hiking boots, day backpacks, hiking poles, flasks and other handy gadgets to ensure you have a memorable hiking experience whilst you are in Cape Town.

Table Mountain is a firm favourite with volunteers where they enthusiastically tackle Platteklip Gorge on their first climb (hike) up the Table.  It is steep with lots of boulders and it is a long hike if you are not used to hiking. So many will hike up but will catch the Cable Car down after having cool beverages from the restaurant and having experienced a 360 degree incredible and magnificent view from the top.

Another firm favourite with volunteers is Lion’s Head. They usually conquer this with ease despite have to climb ladders and stairs with a firm grip on chains. Climbing the lion_2 But they do it with ease and are elated when they reach the top as the view is spectacular. You may get the one volunteer who decides the best way down is quickly achieved on her backside which she did with an unfortunate bump or two on the way down and then be at the mercy of volunteers for weeks on end with butt jokes being thrown around. She survived and we threatened to give her a helmet if she went up again. All in good fun though. Don’t think you will climb Lion’s Head once – you will climb it a lot more especially those sunset hikes or moonlight hikes on a perfect summer evening. Note to yourself: pack a head torch.

When you are issued with your personal trip planner username and password, we will be uploading documents on all the hiking trails (including costs) which you will be able to book and pay in advance.  At Aviva Volunteers we always simplify your life and take the stress out of planning.  And that my dear volunteers, is what makes us so special. You are always welcome to email us should you wish to find out more information before this is launched on our website.  Happy Hiking ….. the mountains are calling so you must go!





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