When Love Comes Knocking

In Africa, we do wild and we do life so it is no surprise I have made a new friend in surburbia. She visits almost every day and is not afraid to come up to me for food and will even wait patiently whilst I go inside to retrieve her food. Here she is …. a Cape Spur Fowl. She is adorable, I think I should name her.

Francolin criard. Famille des Phasianidés. Ordre : Galliformes

I would like to mention to the volunteers who stay at our Volunteer House in Table View.  There is a lovely walk on the vlei and even a bird-watching hut.  On a lovely sunny day, pack a lunch, flash of coffee, pick up your journal and camera and take a walk for a moment of tranquility with exceptional views of Table Mountain.

This is what volunteering at AVIVA Volunteers is all about … discovering new things to explore.



The AVIVA Experience

On Wednesday, I noticed a Zebra on the back of a Tall Horse Giraffe and I heard him sadly comment on the proverbial hump in the week. That damn Camel always gets in the way and sometimes it can prove to be a rather large hurdle to get over.zebra giraffe

But here it is … Friday in all her glory and I am sure everyone is looking forward to two days of pleasure. Not that work is not a pleasure …. it just means there will be 2 days of no admin. Today my brain feels as if it has been fried after an admin-intensive week.

Now let’s get some blogging done!

I have noticed the trend for taking a gap year or taking time off from Uni to enjoy the experience of volunteering is on the increase, with many a new Volunteering Organisation/Agency opening. That is why AVIVA has begun to make many new changes to enhance our volunteer experience. If you visit our website regularly, you will notice some obvious changes and some subtle changes. We also believe that no one can recommend a South African project more than a South African based volunteering organisation. We have the experience, the knowledge and know the lay of the land.

So why choose AVIVA Volunteers over other volunteering organisations in South Africa? Well, why not? Firstly, we are based in Cape Town which is the hippest, coolest, artsy, vibey City in the entire South Africa, and have projects all over South Africa which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best volunteering experience. And secondly we are the longest running volunteering organisation. And for good measure, let me throw in a 3rd great reason …. we are based in South Africa and have a strong relationship with all our projects.

Cape Town does certainly buzz with energy, has incredible activities for you to enjoy when you are not working on your project and within easy reach of the city, you are able to go on a Safari. Hence we recommend you include a Cape Town week if you are volunteering on projects out of the Cape Town area. We highly recommend you do not come to South Africa for less than 2 weeks as you will be so disappointed at the opportunities you would miss by leaving too early. We do however understand that sometimes 2 weeks is all you have and rather 2 weeks than nothing at all, right?

In Cape Town you will live like a local, travel like a local and become accustomed to the local ways by staying at our AVIVA Volunteer House. Everyone in the house is like-minded – wanting to do something good, wanting to make a difference, ready to have a great time – see and do as much as they can and meet new friends from all over the world. It is not like a backpacker where your roomies will be there for different reasons and each day when you arrive back “home”, someone new has moved in and you have to make friends all over again! Our Volunteer House is a home. It is your home away from home where you can kick off your shoes and relax, or nag your fellow volunteers until they give in to your request for them to join you for dinner on the beach front. And we have a dog.

Now view the largest picture ever taken (over 200,000 pixels) – click here.


I rest my case!  So what are you waiting for? giraffe

Have an awesome weekend everyone …..


A Big Fat Whale, Wine & Wors Tour

I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when all of a sudden an email dropped into my inbox and I was blown away into another dimension. I then went onto Social Media and there it was …. My Big Fat Whale, Wine & Wors Tour. I could not believe that 3 of my most fav things which is checking out the big whales, drinking copious amounts of wine and eating boerewors was attainable right under my pretty little nose! 11391139_873087992762731_5761010926052869014_n

Oh yes, Wine Flies has introduced a great 3 W’s tour – Whales, Wine and Wors and this is one tour I am not going to miss.  The whales are slowly making their way back to Hermanus and we all know that the warm winter sun, fresh air, wine and wors is the best cure to beat the winter blues.  The tour runs every Tuesday and Thursday from July until December so if you don’t catch me in the office on either one of these two day’s you will find me on tour! Then expect a blog post of note! I don’t want to spoil all the fun as to what one does on the Tour (what happens on the tour, stays on the tour) suffice to say, there will be a lot to see and a lot to do and your entire day is jam-packed from start to finish with Riaan, the tour operator, keep you entertained all the way.

The first stop is Stellenbosch to experience the Wine part of the tour.  I cannot think of anything nicer than starting the day drinking wine – make mine a full glass please!  After the wine tasting you will be whisked off to Grabouw for the second W of the tour – wors.  Braai Master’s will agree that Grabouw boerewors has all the flavours for an enjoyable meal. And what can compare to boerewors and apple cider tasting in Grabouw? This pairing I would simply label as awesome!  Leave me here and fetch me later, please.

Then it is off to Hermanus for Whale watching – I think at this time I would feel like a whale myself but the tour does not end here. More wine tasting to finish off the day before heading back to the city.  If you were traveling with me on this tour, you would have to excuse the snoring that you would hear coming from the back seat. This is one tour I think I could thoroughly enjoy with a couple of volunteers. Who is game?

Next tour is on the 16th July.