The Deep Mood of Winter

A great advantage of living in Cape Town is that we get to experience 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter and each season has its own beauty and characteristics. Winter is dark and moody and the sea changes colour and shape and shows us the power of water.

A great place to see waves in action would be to take a train ride to Kalk Bay. Not only do you travel along the coast but at certain points you see the power of the wave up close and very personal. Hop off at Kalk Bay and make your way to the small fishing harbour where you will be greeted with an awesome scene like this.Brass Bell1

And then you do not have to wait long because the waves will keep on coming and none of your photographs will be the same as the waves crash and dance and soar over the harbour wall.

If any of you have been to the Brass Bell Restaurant, you will remember how beautiful and calm it is on a summer day.  Here is a sequence of photographs (photo credit to Cape Town’s Deep South and African Roots Photography) of waves in action at Kalk Bay and at the Brass Bell.

KalkBayBrass Bell2Brass Bell3Brass Bell from CapeTownsDeepSouth

After being chilled to the bone, find a restaurant to warm up, either with hot chocolate or something alcoholic of nature before heading off in another direction for some more action and fun.


Bring on the Cuteness Overload

elephant-800Baby Elephant Playing with Birds is the cutest video I have seen in recent weeks especially with the outcry of the killing the Cecil the lion and more Rhino’s being poached and killed.  So when a video comes along like this, it is always good to share. It was taken at the Kruger National Park.  So click on the link and be transported to cuteness overload.