High on a Hill ….

Was a happy goat herd – lay ee odl, lay ee odl, lay hee hoo ….  Fairview.1Now that I have either got you singing that song from The Sound of Music or humming it, I would like to tell you about our Feature of the Month – Fairview Wine.  I kid you not, this is the place where you can spend an entire day and never get bored.

Situated in the Paarl area, a mere 1 hour drive from Cape Town on the N1 national road, lies Fairview Wine where you are able to experience heaven on earth. The mission of Fairview has been to create a fully sustainable farm and with over 900 goats, they employ conscious farming techniques by collecting the goats droppings to recycle into compost and the result?  Good quality produce! Charles Back has received numerous awards and the latest to his ever-growing awards was being name Farmer of the Year in 2017.  So you know – visiting this Farm – you will be in great hands and enjoy culinary delights and wine that you would never experience back in your hometown. Fairview.5 Fairview are agriculturally driven and are able to supply their restaurants with farm fresh eggs, goat and cow cheese, and fresh organic meat.

Just so you know I am not kidding let me tell you about the goats.  

Kidding season is at Spring time – September and October – and when visiting the farm on a Saturday or Sunday, you are able to play with the kids. During this time, you will notice that there will be limited goat cheese on the shelves at the supermarket and this is because during this time, the nanny goats are taking a well earned rest and producing nutrient nourishing milk for their kids to drink. Fairview.6 I did not know that, did you? As the saying goes …. You are never too old to learn!  I am definitely going to book a spot during kiddie season, that is for sure! And then to top it off, you have Goat Yoga in the summer with all the little kids having a great party around you whilst you are stretching into a pretzel.

The Goat Tower has a history that one should never fail to mention.

Way back in the 80’s when Charles Back visited Portugal, he was inspired by a beautiful tower in the garden of a wine farm that after a couple of months after returning home, the iconic Goat Tower was built. Now, when visiting Fairview, you will see the skywalk bridge which allows the goats to roam from the tower area to the other side of the garden where a playground has been built for them. I think I will stay here forever! Seriously now – how cute are those goats? So chat to our travel desk and let us arrange an afternoon of culinary pleasure, delightful wine and a day where music and food will have you kidding around until the sun goes down!

We would like to thank Fairview for use of their images.




The Deep Mood of Winter

A great advantage of living in Cape Town is that we get to experience 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter and each season has its own beauty and characteristics. Winter is dark and moody and the sea changes colour and shape and shows us the power of water.

A great place to see waves in action would be to take a train ride to Kalk Bay. Not only do you travel along the coast but at certain points you see the power of the wave up close and very personal. Hop off at Kalk Bay and make your way to the small fishing harbour where you will be greeted with an awesome scene like this.Brass Bell1

And then you do not have to wait long because the waves will keep on coming and none of your photographs will be the same as the waves crash and dance and soar over the harbour wall.

If any of you have been to the Brass Bell Restaurant, you will remember how beautiful and calm it is on a summer day.  Here is a sequence of photographs (photo credit to Cape Town’s Deep South and African Roots Photography) of waves in action at Kalk Bay and at the Brass Bell.

KalkBayBrass Bell2Brass Bell3Brass Bell from CapeTownsDeepSouth

After being chilled to the bone, find a restaurant to warm up, either with hot chocolate or something alcoholic of nature before heading off in another direction for some more action and fun.