As an established volunteering company based in Cape Town, AVIVA is committed to supporting sustainable community, wildlife and conservation volunteer projects while providing international volunteers with a life changing experience in South Africa.

AVIVA is now arguably South Africa’s leading volunteer organisation, and regularly receives world wide recognition for the service we provide to volunteers. AVIVA has been featured in international magazines and South African television series, as well as live TV and radio appearances.

Our team is dedicated to making our volunteer’s stay as enjoyable and rewarding as possible – in fact, AVIVA has South Africa’s largest volunteer support team – no other organisation provides the depth of support or attention to detail that we do.

AVIVA volunteers leave their mark in South Africa, not only by dedicating their time and energy to their chosen project, but also through the positive contribution they make in supporting local businesses, tourism operators, craftsmen and women, and the many jobs that are created and sustained by purchases they make, and activities they take part in while they are here. So whilst volunteers directly affect their project, they also indirectly affect the lives of many more people in South Africa.

We have seen projects thrive with the cumulative contribution of volunteers over the years, enabling them to help more children, care for more wildlife and conserve more environments than would have been possible without you.

Thanks to volunteers like you, AVIVA has to date contributed many millions of South African Rands directly to over twenty grass roots projects in the past seven years alone. During that time, AVIVA volunteers have contributed in excess of 750,000 hours of voluntary service in South Africa.

We are confident that we will be able to provide you with a rewarding and varied experience that will surpass your expectations, and we hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you to our beautiful country soon!

AVIVA is registered as a Closed Corporation in South Africa. Our Registration details are as follows:

  • Pole Position Trading 122CC – Trading as AVIVA
  • Registration Number – CK2002/046239/203

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